Toile Nautilus wallpaper

My sister-in-law, Jenni, {who's taste I have always admired} sent me a link to this super cute wallpaper from Thibaut. With toile being so classic, and the coral/nautical themes so current, I thought this was a such a beautiful print... her dream for a beach house powder room one day. I could totally see it. It would be stunning. Available in fabric as well. If you go to the site, click on the various swatches to view the alternate shades. I really like this Coral color on Green. Fresh but classy.

Images from Thibaut
Thanks for the tip Jenni!


House & Garden and Blueprint... no longer

Oh no! Both are shutting down? Forgive me, I have been so incredibly out of the loop these last few weeks.

I've loved House & Garden ever since my brief stint at Conde Nast after college. I used to flip through some of the old vintage issues in the CNP Library while doing research. A heartfelt good-bye letter from Editor Dominique Browning sums it up. H&G will be sorely missed in my magazine stack.

And I was so bummed to learn about Martha Stewart shutting down Blueprint too, especially just before the holidays! I just read about it at Jossip. I've really been enjoying this magazine's new ideas and style. I guess it just couldn't stand the test of time... seriously, what next? If Martha Stewart's gargantuan empire can't keep a glossie afloat, what hope is there for anyone else?

Magazine publishing is a tough market. Most of my career has been spent working at/selling to major national magazines. It's cut throat at some of them, especially to sell ads. I hope all the Conde Nast and Omnimedia chickies are able to land on their feet...

A moment of silence, please, for Blueprint and House & Garden.

Fun with photography

So how creative is this for all you photography-lovers out there...? My friend, Libby, emailed me this photo from one of her friends. Her last name is Thorne. (click to see it enlarged)

I love it. I'd like to try to do something similar with our last name next time I'm fiddling with our camera.


Red Barn Mercantile

Dan Rutherford of Red Barn Mercantile contacted me just a little while back to introduce the grand opening of their shop in Old Town, Alexandria. Wow - this is right in my wheelhouse! And what a fresh departure from the some of the stuffier shops I've seen come and go on King Street.

From their site: "Owner Amy Rutherford started Red Barn because she wanted to deliver a service – to provide both old and new in one place... The trick in blending old and new, vintage and modern, classic and quirky, is balance. And Rutherford’s knack for mixing rustic antiques with urban chic has created a look that is both fresh and familiar."

Good news - Red Barn has a printable 20% off coupon for in-store merchandise valid until December 24th. Nice! I will definitely be stopping in to do a little holiday shopping. Located at 113 S. Columbus St.

(images by: Red Barn Mercantile)

Back in the saddle...

Hi everyone! Just wanted to drop a quick note to say that I'm back. So many nice emails wondering where I am.... I'm here, and doing well! Things have been busy at work and on the homefront the last few weeks, and I've felt a twinge guilty for not posting new content. Sorry about that. Hopefully I'll be able to steal away some time more often this month and alot more in the new year.

That being said, I've been tucking away TONS ideas and inspiration all along - scribbled sticky notes - magazine articles dog-eared - web links bookmarked - emails from some of you with tips (thank you!) - so there will be no shortage of ideas. More soon... promise.


Eastern Market

Oh how I do love Eastern Market! I love the handmade wares, the organic fruits and fresh-cut flowers, and the history of the buildings and tradition. I love the people watching, and catching up with neighbors. I love browsing, just to browse... for no other reason than because it's a gorgeous, crisp Sunday morning, I have a cup a hot tea in one hand, and newest issue of the Hill Rag, tucked in the other.

So when a devastating fire ripped through the historic South Hall last April, I have to say that I was actually not surprised at the genuine outpouring of support from the Capitol Hill community, and surrounding DC neighborhoods to help rebuild the Hall. Countless supporters felt the love for this institution that I, too, share. Operating for 134 years, Eastern Market, has come to stand as a symbol of this city's history, creativity, and community commerce. So, I guess I just wanted to say, that as a strong supporter of restoration and continued appreciation of historic places, it is my sincere hope that Eastern Market is rebuilt withstand 134+ more...

Just some great architectural salvage and antiques for the home, from last weekend's visit to the Flea Market at Eastern Market...

(Images by RowHouse, Decal by Rebuild Eastern Market)


Uncommon Goods

This just in from my friend, Heather... Uncommon Goods has a neat Barn Board Floor Mat - A bargain at $40! The interesting thing is that it looks like rustic barn wood, but it's actually fade resistant, photo realistic polyester. Who woulda guessed?

Thanks for the tip Heather!
(image from Uncommon Goods)